OPO Barbers
123 Main Suite B-102 Evansville, Indiana
(812) 422-5263

About Us

Barber Shop Serving Downtown Evansville Since 1985
Full service men and women's haircuts in full 30 minute appointments.

Sam and Sue Tieken have been cutting hair for all kinds of people downtown for over 30 years. Offering full service at a relaxed pace, you will get their full attention for your entire appointment. There is no rush to get you out in 10 minutes so they can line up another customer. Walk-ins are welcome but seldom possible. Call ahead for an appointment for your best chance at a great haircut.

Our Team

Sam Tieken


Sue Tieken


Trevor Tieken


Known for years as the Old Post Office Barbers, now o.p.o.

Across from the Peep Hole in the EVSC / Old National Bank building